Saturday, 31 December 2011


One of my stronger pieces from year 3 of university. This was the 2 character with no dialogue task however I tried to make it in to a short short :)

Initial Idea - Animatic

I'm pleased with the animatic I had a lot of fun doing it :D I think it all worked well however during a critique among the class there was a lot of confusion toward the end. In my mind the red guy has a delayed knock out effect but no one seemed to catch on to that. (Also my drawing skills arn't the clearest!) So it took me a while to come up with an alternative ending that I would have to come up with during production stages!

*Blocking to be posted*

Final Submmital

Overall I am really pleased with how this turned out, and it stayed true to the animatic (apart from the ending). Of course I would love to have it more beautifully rendered and with a much nicer modeled arena, crowd maybe and lighting (flashing cameras too). However I devoted my time to the animation as that is what I would get marked on. Also modelling and lighting is not my specialty nor did I have time to learn.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Business Trip

(3rd Year - 2 Character dialogue)

In the 3rd year we moved from 3DStudio Max into Maya, so getting used to the new interface was a bit more awkward but wasn't too bad! Again Same exercise as the Tramps Animation

Initial Idea - Animatic

I remember doing very rough, hard to understand animatics in the past and I wouldn't always stick to the animatic staging/timing etc... This time I wanted to make sure I got down a lot more clearly and make sure it all worked! I didn't go for any great drawings, just getting the idea down clear was what I wanted to make sure of!


Not entirely completed blockout, but I remember really trying to do a lot of detail with it. I probably over blocked most of it. It's all a learning process though right :P

Final Submittal

I was happy enough with this submittal but there was many area that still needed cleaning up or redoing! I'm happy with how much I stuck to the animatic :D


(2nd Year - 2 character dialogue)

Initial Staging and Idea

Again similar to the character exploration only now with 2 characters. I wanted them to be tramps because it set up the small joke about making enough money to sell a box (house). At 1st I was setting up they were at a docks or pier somewhere as it went with the idea of them discussing boating. But it wasn't obvious they were tramps so I changed it to an alley and gave one of them a toy boat.

Staging Change - Blockout

I really liked this set up better, although I think I could have made it more obvious that the box was the house they were discussing, maybe gesture to it more obviously? I also tried to avoid showing the fireplace because I CAN'T CREATE FIRE! I'd love to know how though hehe. So I just tried to rely on the lighting.

Final Submittal

I really wanted to do a subtle animation piece, though looking back some of the actions they do seem off, or out of place and the speed in which they change some of their expressions bother me hehehe. Though there are things I am still quite happy with :) The 2nd before last shot I remember being real happy with! The lighting although basic I felt worked too! The background was very basic, just a jpeg environment and wall textures but it was enough for me so I could concentrate on the animation! I am pleased with this as the final submittal

Systems Check

Felt the need to fill up my blog a bit more, by talking about some of my animations.

(2nd Year CG Animation - Character exploration)

This was the 2nd time our course assigned a character animation piece to us. This time we all used the same existing rig and animated in 3Dstudio Max 2009. This was treated much like the 11 Second club animations however we had to find our own dialogue to animate to. I really like how this turned out at the time though I can see many areas for improvement!