Sunday, 8 January 2012

Trex in the Atrium

This was a short vfx film I worked on during university in 2010, directed by fellow a student Ryan Bedwell.

This was the first time I have worked against live action and I really learnt a lot from it! I animated the last 2 shots of the trex using 3d studio max.

It was awkward animating it because everything was at an angle in the program itself to match the camera tracking, I am unsure why but I don't really know much about the process of camera tracking. It was the 1st time for a lot of us to try all these new techniques but It was a fantastic experience and a great learning processes! I think the film turned out REALLY well, so here is the full piece!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Dig animation

Another year 3 character animation. This was a pain in the arse of an animation which i learnt a lot from! 1st of all the initial idea I really liked! I thought it was a funny idea. However with this animation I ran in to the wonders of constraints and gymbal :D After working on this I don't think I've ever had another problem with gymbal lock!

Initial Idea - Animatic


I remember blocking out the 1st shot then once I switched to spline I had realized the errors! Controls were flipped all over the place due to constraints which I had little knowledge of how to use them at the time! This taught me to always check the graph editor and check the animation in spline mode more often!


Due to the technical difficulties I just concentrated on finishing the 1st shot. Unfortunate because I really liked my initial idea! :(


I was just glad to get this shot done by the end of it though... Looking back I think I relied too much on the computers inbetweens.