Friday, 30 November 2012

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Karl morpheus test

Trying to think of an animation test to do in my spare time, I got a few sound clips I want to try out, one of which is from the Ricky Gervais Show! :O I've avoided trying to animate something from that show because the voices are so recognizable and all I can picture is Karl's round head lol! So I'm not too sure about doing it yet.

However out of boredom I took the Morpheus rig and made a quick mock up morph of Karl :D

The hair isn't right I know, I would like to get that short fine hair look and have it going just over the back near the top, but I have zero modelling/texture skills so unless anyone wants to teach me or do it for me then it will have to stay like that lol.

Maybe temptation will get the better of me though and I might actually animate him!

Monday, 5 March 2012

11 Second Club RESULTS!

Woohoo! Results are in and I came 4th out of 189! Thus beating my last result of 25 out of 182!

Here are all the results

And Here was my final submital! Enjoy!

Cheers to everyone who critiqued this for me, you all had some real ace pointers the guys at redwire, Leon, Peter, and Wei Xing!

Here's the link to the rigs I used:
Morphues rig -
Malcolm rig -

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

11 Second Club WIP 06 - Last day

OK so this is the last day to do work :O ... She is pretty much finished, just need to touch up on her hands/fingers and clean up her arcs a little bit.

He just needs VERY basic animation, i'm probably going to try do a cycle on him I don't want him to distract too much.

If I got time I'll animate her pony tail, it's good that i got the option to lose it and change her hair but i reeeaaally don't want to!

Here's last nights progress!

I won't post the final until after the competition has been voted for so please look out for my animation on the 11 second club and vote!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

11 Second Club WIP 05 - Last 2 Days!

Okkkkkk I still have loads to do but i'm starting to get in to refining it all now! Here's what I am going to work on today - ARMS!, hands, adjusting body movements for the line "toilet thing" and facial animation. tomorrow I will focus on the male char he doesn't need to do all that much to be honest and of course her hair then. HOPEFULLY It will be to an acceptable standard I know for a fact it's not going to be as finished as I want it to be, there are so much improvements I could make but I just have see what I can get out of this now.

Anyway check it out this was where I got to end of yesterday.

A bit more refining

Friday, 24 February 2012

11 Second Club WIP 04 - Getting somewhere

Ok I've already started cleaning up the start of the female character I'm pretty happy with how it's looking so far. Obviously the face needs major adjusting lol I'll get to it!

ONE MAJOR change is the timing on how she get's up.. It looks REALLY crude at the moment, but I ultimately felt it would be better timing If she starts to get up after her line and FASTER! It gives her character more urgency to leave. I'll clean it up soon but I hope you can all see what I mean by the timing adjustment!

11 Second Club WIP 03 - Blocking to Spline

Oops! I've been updating vimeo but not this hehe >_<

I finished my blocking and was now starting to switch in to spline now and again. Here was my final blockout though I probably could have done more to be honest.

Blocking 03

Here it is in spline from block

Spline 01

I decided to carry on in spline because I have been working with that method in my previous jobs for a while now and I got used to it. I do appreciate a good block out though I'll prob do more blocking next time I do another animation. I know that the more blocking you have the better!

Spline 02 - A bit cleaner with the arms and some minor adjustments

Here I mainly focus on the lower half of the female character running to the bathroom, it's an awkward angle to get it looking right but I think I'm getting it. It's also the 1st time in a while I've done a walk/run off the world controller! In my last job I got used to adjusting walk cycles while dragging the world controller along.

I also changed how she enters the bathroom, I think it's a more interesting pose. I know where I'm going with it I just need to sort out the top half of her character!

I skipped posting Spline 03 because they are pretty much the same but with very minor adjustments.

Spline_04 - Getting the run down - change of end position

Friday, 17 February 2012

11 Second Club WIP 02

A bit more blocking, breaking it down some more. I tried animating a big arm gesture just before she clicks her fingers but It looked too over the top and stupid.. I'll upload it later so you can see what I mean. For now here is some more blocking and breakingdown.

Blocking & Breakingdown

I thought the finger click action could have been a lot more subtle than what I had blocked previously, so It no longer looks as over acted as before.

I turned the walls to wireframe so I could work easier while keeping a boundary. Hehe :D You can see where she goes out of sight that It doesn't matter what she is doing If the camera can not see it.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

11 Second Club WIP

Hoping to finish this before my broadband is cancelled hahah! Here it is so far!

Initial Previs

Previs Edit

I added a shot at the beginning to give her a reason to get up and leave, I think it helps with the story a lot more! Also tried changing the camera though I didn't think It was working too well..

Camera Locked off - Initial blocking

I think this camera works well, and I have now layed out a basic initial block to work off!


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Morpheus Rig - Female style

Planning on entering this months 11 second club!

It's been 1 week and i've got most of the set up complete now :) I did plan on using the morphues rig but I was not very familiar with it. I did set it up and made my layout with it but I felt I was using too much time setting up selection sets etc.. However I did manage to morph him into a female! I think it turned out quite successful!

Just looking at the head and face.

Initial thoughts; smaller nose, eyelashes, smaller eyebrows, smaller mouth, changed to more blushy texture.

again different angle.

Bigger changes to make it more "cutesy"; Bigger eyes, smaller ears, bigger lips, forhead slightly bigger.

Again different angle; note the lips are a bit duck like which I didn't find appealing. jaw is shaped as good as I could get it :s

FINAL; less ducky lips, hair added! I drew over the jaw area on this quickly with paint to show what type of jaw line effect I would of like but couldn't achieve :(

Overall I'm happy with how it looks, I think it has decent female proportions!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Trex in the Atrium

This was a short vfx film I worked on during university in 2010, directed by fellow a student Ryan Bedwell.

This was the first time I have worked against live action and I really learnt a lot from it! I animated the last 2 shots of the trex using 3d studio max.

It was awkward animating it because everything was at an angle in the program itself to match the camera tracking, I am unsure why but I don't really know much about the process of camera tracking. It was the 1st time for a lot of us to try all these new techniques but It was a fantastic experience and a great learning processes! I think the film turned out REALLY well, so here is the full piece!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Dig animation

Another year 3 character animation. This was a pain in the arse of an animation which i learnt a lot from! 1st of all the initial idea I really liked! I thought it was a funny idea. However with this animation I ran in to the wonders of constraints and gymbal :D After working on this I don't think I've ever had another problem with gymbal lock!

Initial Idea - Animatic


I remember blocking out the 1st shot then once I switched to spline I had realized the errors! Controls were flipped all over the place due to constraints which I had little knowledge of how to use them at the time! This taught me to always check the graph editor and check the animation in spline mode more often!


Due to the technical difficulties I just concentrated on finishing the 1st shot. Unfortunate because I really liked my initial idea! :(


I was just glad to get this shot done by the end of it though... Looking back I think I relied too much on the computers inbetweens.