Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Dr Frankenstein

Oookay, it's been a while since my last personal project! I started doing a couple of little test anims but slowly lost interest in all that, mainly because I have started a job doing in game animations... So I'm a little bit tired of doing that sort of stuff. I miss cinematics >_< ... I think I like character animations too much!

So yea...  I've got hold of a good audio clip to animate to and with it being Halloween it gave me some ideas as to what to animate for it! Shame I only thought of it now and not earlier in time to animate for Halloween because it would have been perfect to put online at that time :( Oh well.. I'm still going to do it!

The audio clip is quite crazy/over the top which is always fun to animate to :D

Here are the face deforms for the characters so far! Going to set up a quick block of the set and I'll be ready to animate :)

Dr Frankenstein