Saturday, 16 June 2012

Karl morpheus test

Trying to think of an animation test to do in my spare time, I got a few sound clips I want to try out, one of which is from the Ricky Gervais Show! :O I've avoided trying to animate something from that show because the voices are so recognizable and all I can picture is Karl's round head lol! So I'm not too sure about doing it yet.

However out of boredom I took the Morpheus rig and made a quick mock up morph of Karl :D

The hair isn't right I know, I would like to get that short fine hair look and have it going just over the back near the top, but I have zero modelling/texture skills so unless anyone wants to teach me or do it for me then it will have to stay like that lol.

Maybe temptation will get the better of me though and I might actually animate him!